Street Elements Marketing and Promotions | Street Elements Inc: Blurring the lines between offline grassroots and online social media marketing
Offline grassroots and guerrilla marketing mixed with online social media marketing.
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Street Elements Inc: Blurring the lines between offline grassroots and online social media marketing. Street Elements is not just the name of our company, rather it represents the core principles that we live by! We are the Earth, the Wind, the Fire, the Water and the Streets. Read on to understand each element separately and how they merge together to create our marketing philosophy.:

Offline |  Online |  When it’s on the line!

Starting Line:

Street Elements Inc. develops strategies that bring companies closer to the urban and suburban market. We first work to understand your business and desired role in the urban and or suburban terrain. Then we assist with the creation of programs to reach those goals in tangible ways. This is done by first making recommendations for positioning your brand, products or services so as to better fit the wants of your target consumer.

Are you ready to cross the line?

We do not stop there, for we are not a mere consulting agency dealing purely in theories. We will not just give you a plan of action and a bill, leaving the implementation up to you. Our numerous divisions cover every aspect of any comprehensive marketing campaign. To win over the jaded urban and suburban consumer you must understand them… we understand. The minor changes in the likes and dislikes of an entire culture must be anticipated and measures taken to align you with these constant changes. To do this you can’t just know the culture, you must be the culture… we are the culture. You must be proactively guided through the pitfalls that those alien to the cultural landscape fall prey to… we will guide you. Finally you must truly comprehend what has occurred as a result of your new relationship with this brave new world. We will take the tactics needed to survive in the commerce of the streets and translate them into informative updates and detailed reports. Strategy creation, implementation, follow up and follow through are what we bring to you. With one foot in the city streets and the other in the corporate suites we are where you need to be.

You don’t have to sacrificing your offline marketing efforts as you grow your online marketing and social media presence. The most effective online marketing tactics are those that are merged with offline strategies. By blurring the lines your company will be able to maintain brand awareness over a variety of marketing channels, allowing for more consistency. Your consumer will respect your brand that is seen in places that resonates with them, in both the real and virtual world. As Robin Thicke would say “blurred lines, I know you want it”.

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