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Online social media marketing.
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The Internet is the new battlefront for your marketing initiatives. We can help translate the messages that are being delivered in the streets to tastemakers and general consumers by our Street Teams into waves of online conversation. Our Online Street Teams can get you into the hearts and minds of your target demographic in ways that blanket online advertising cannot hope to match. We know where your consumer is online and can communicate to them in a way that are organic, not forced.  ​

We have strategic relationships with online companies and tastemakers, that can help you reach consumers where they live online. But beyond that we have an army of the “cool” kids with droves of online friends and followers ready to receive the messages we send out.  

Social Media Profiles Management / Online Ghostwriting

Social Media Profiles Management / Online Ghost Writing:

Managing all of your social network profiles is a job unto itself. Let us do it for you so you can get back to the rest of your business. We offer expert social network managers who will deliver daily updates to all of your profiles. We will never let consumer know that we are your online ghostwriters, as we seamlessly connect the digital platforms for you.

Social Media Squad

Social Media Squad:

Our Social Media Squads can infiltrate Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, blogs, other social networks and any other online destinations to deliver your message to the consumer. They are skilled in creating a whirlwind of online chatter about a desired topic. In addition they can provide great feedback on current feeling towards a product, artist or company.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising:

Diverse social media platforms have distinctive qualities, fitting your marketing plan in unique ways. We will help you with choose between the various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc) for your perfect fit. We will also work to help you create:


Consumer Insights and Targeting

Ad Copy and Creative Development


Keyword Inquiry

Landing Page Creation

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