Street Elements Marketing and Promotions | Offline grassroots, guerrilla and experiential marketing
Offline grassroots, guerrilla and experiential marketing mixed with online social media marketing.
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The gullible consumers of the past are no more. In their place stands the standard marketing tactics savvy consumer of the present. To survive companies must re-evaluate their overall advertising campaigns and implement alternative marketing strategies to remain relevant. We pride ourselves on being the premier source for alternative marketing tactics, grassroots strategies and premium product consultation.

​ Our experience and expertise combined with our effective methods of marketing and promoting continue to impact the hard to reach consumers. Incorporating our marketing group’s alternative strategies into already proven methods will compliment any overall brand marketing strategy and advertising campaign. Our unique approach will ensure high visibility at a cost effective rate.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors

We offer you an effective network of key influencers in each market that dictate the hottest trends and influence the purchasing habits of your consumer. Through our Brand Ambassadors, we will leverage our relationships and expertise to facilitate a unique customized grassroots campaign. Nationally our Brand Ambassador teams will target the consumer where they live, work and socialize.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicles Wraps

In an effort to maximize street visibility, we offer screen wrapped advertising services on our Lifestyle Envoy Vehicles (L.E.V.). We provide a customized vehicle fully wrapped in a life-sized billboard of your company and/or product. We use only the highest quality graphics insuring crisp, clear ads. With its high visibility, the L.E.V. presents a large canvas for creative flexibility and promotional impact.

Product Sampling

Product Sampling

While there are many ways to promote a product, there are few things as compelling as letting the consumer actually sample. Nationally our field teams are able to place your product in the hands of the consumer. We take your product to where they live and play (thereby making the samplings an intimate affair). When you are ready to take it directly to the consumer, you are ready for Street Elements.

Barbershops & Beauty Salons 

Beauty Salons and Barbershops

Barbershops & Salons are the heart & soul of the urban community. It is a gathering place where consumers discuss social issues, politics, entertainment & religion. With our excellent reputation & relationship, Street Elements has agreements with the trend setting barbershops & salons across the nations. Our arrangement enables us to set up window front and in-store displays. Additionally, we can create aprons & capes with your logos to brand the consumer while they wait.

Wheat Pasting and Wild Posting

Wheat Pasting and Wild Posting

Wheat Pasting : We can strategically place posters on dedicated poster frames, wheat boards, scaffolds barriers and temporary walls located on construction sites.
Wild Posting: High visibility is a key element of any street campaign. Implementing an aggressive wild posting campaign with stickers, posters and other customized items we will insure visibility throughout each market. By re-servicing targeted areas on a consistent basis, we can guarantee valuable impressions. 

Stunts and Unique Promotions

Unique Stunts & Promotions

The best way to make consumers remember your product is to give them something to talk about long after your event or promotional campaign is done. If you can dream it up we can create a promotion around it. We can help allow you to stand out above and beyond the competition by creating compelling campaigns that will keep the consumer engaged and amazed.

Event Production

Event Production

We are skilled in the creation of intimate and massive social events to target consumers that would otherwise be inaccessible or who are jaded by the onslaught of advertising seen in traditional media and experienced in every other facet of their lives. By weaving our clients’ corporate identity or product into the very fabric of an event we are able to interact with the consumer in a more natural way. This brings about a more organic association between the trendsetters, tastemakers and you.

College and High School Promotions

College / High School Pep Rally Sponsorships and On Campus Promotions

Street Elements’ College / High School Prep Rally Sponsorship brings the hottest DJs to Schools across the nation. In this festive environment, students are enjoying good music, food and games. All the while, the students are viewing strategically placed banners and receiving promotional collateral branded with your company name and logos.  

Photo Booths

Photo Booths / Stations

Make your next event or promotion unforgettable with a Photo Station. Let us bring the action to you and let the fun begin! Consumers can create photo memories all night long with the press of a button. Most importantly the photos will print up onsite and include your images, text or logo creating an individualized branded keepsake.
You can even direct them to an online website to view the pictures (while receiving additional product information from you)!

Retail Displays

Retail Display

Our excellent reputation and relationship with retailers enables us to set up in-store displays, as well as leave promotional paraphernalia and samples for customers. Along with covering retail chains, targets for Lifestyle Envoys’ product placement include: Mom and Pop stores, independent and coalition outlets, barbershops and clothing stores, as well as youth oriented retail chains, hang outs and more.

Flash Mobs / Smart Mobs

Flash Mobs / Smart Mobs

We can have a huge team suddenly assemble in a public place to perform a unique tie-in stunt for your artist, product or brand. Our trained professionals will turn a flash mob into a true smart mob. Within their wake will be a flurry of conversation about your brand. We can merge our Smart Mob efforts with that of our online team to further push your brands message and this one of a kind tactic.

Wall Projectors / Graffiti Murals

Wall Projectors

The future is here and it is the Wall Projectors. Imagine your video, commercial or advertising campaign being projected outside of the hottest clubs, concerts and events. While your competition may have simple stagnant posters up you will be able to tell the whole story through our portable projectors. This campaign can be tied into an SMS/Text message, Twitter or Instagram campaigns for instant feedback, contest opt. etc…

Graffiti Murals

Or perhaps you want a more permanent installation with a unique artistic take on your campaign message. In that case we recommend our Graffiti Murals. We will bring you together with local artist to create masterpieces at locations that matter to your consumer. 

Tour Support / Tour Shadowing

Tour Support / Tour Shadowing

Throughout the year the biggest artists travel from city to city performing for their legions of fans. With millions of fans going out to support their favorite artists, Street Elements can place your product in their hands. We will identify artists that align with your brand and create a program to reach their fan base across the country. Street Elements can design a program that will shadow the entire tour introducing your product or brand to hundreds of thousands of consumers.

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