Street Elements Marketing and Promotions | Street Elements Inc: Blurring the lines between offline grassroots and online social media marketing
Offline grassroots, guerrilla and experiential marketing mixed with online social media marketing.
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Street Elements is not just the name of our company, rather it represents the core principles that we live by! We are the Earth, the Wind, the Fire, the Water and the Streets. Read on to understand each element separately and how they merge together to create our marketing philosophy. 


Definition: The solid footing formed of soil; Ground.

Street Elements is the Earth! We will keep your company grounded in the new realities of the marketing world of today. Street Elements is your earth, your solid footing, while other fall to the constant quakes of change.


Definition: A force or agency that carries along or influences: tendency, trend

Street Elements is the Wind! The winds of change do no blow by themselves. No matter how great your product or service is, it will not sell if no one knows of its existence. Our global team members are the four winds, spreading your message to every corner of the earth, and beyond!


Definition: 1. Burning passion: ardor. 2. Liveliness of imagination: inspiration.

Street Elements is the Fire. We approach every account with the same burning passion to be the best. Our team creates imaginative sparks that light torches of marketing initiatives to enlighten consumers. Our burning torches will leave no area un-scorched, creating an inferno of desire for consumers to want to be a part of the next “HOT” thing!


Definition: The liquid that descends from the clouds as rain, forms streams, lakes and seas, and is a major constituent of all living matter.

Street Elements is the Water. Live water we infiltrate all aspects of your consumer’s life. We do so in a way that feels organic and necessary. We can be both soft and flowing and hard and penetrating, depending on the situation. Let us float your company to the top.


Definition 1. The people occupying property on a street . 2. A promising line of development or a channeling of effort .

Of course Street Elements is the Street. It is on the streets that trends are set and tastes are made. We have our finger on the pulse of the urban and suburban streets. We can give you direct access to them. To know what is and what will be the beat of the streets, all road led to us!


 We know what you are thinking, principles are great but do they lead to results? Well yes they do! Take a look at a few of our case study summaries and see what we have done with our elemental principles.



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